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Suspension bridge completes main body

With a main span of 1,092 meters, the bridge boasts an eight-lane expressway on the upper deck and a high-speed railway on the lower deck.

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People mourn victims on 15th anniv. of Indian Ocean tsunami

On the 15th anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami, families of the victims joined memorial services in several southern provinces on the Andaman Sea coast, in remembrance of over 5,300 people killed in Thailand.

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Tourists visit ancient city of Pingyao

Pingyao, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in north China's Shanxi Province, is famous for its well-preserved ancient architecture including the city walls.

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Zoo celebrates half year of pandas

The zoo held on Sunday a half-year-old birthday celebration for the four panda cubs named Shuangshuang, Chongchong and Xixi, Qingqing, which combine to symbolize "double joy and happiness" in Chinese.